‘The most important word spoken in this whole intranet project was when (Judy) said yes to coming on board. Thanks for a great job.’
Mike Smith Senior Communications Advisor Commonwealth Bank Australia Dec 09

‘As AGL’s Head of Employee Communications for more than five years, Judy had a great ability to ‘find the voice’ of whoever she was writing for. She was able to anticipate what employees wanted to know, and what CEOs wanted to say. Her priority was to keep the messages clear and simple, to engage the audience and leave employees feeling proud about the company they worked for.’
Michael Fraser CEO and Managing Director AGL Energy Nov 08

‘Judy’s extensive and quality experience was apparent from the moment NSW Lotteries briefed her on the assignment. Her questions of us were insightful and her ability to arrive quickly at the core issues to be addressed reassured us that she would be able to deliver the work within our tight timeframe. She provided counsel to the CEO as well as the HR Manager and was equally at ease in each situation. She also gained the confidence of the Leadership Team as she detailed to them the task ahead. The result was a detailed, well-executed package of employee communications that resonated strongly with all staff. Our objectives for the exercise were exceeded, which would not have been possible without Judy’s passion or commitment to detail and seeing the project through to the very end.’
Nick Nichles CEO NSW Lotteries May 09

‘Judy consistently put herself forward whenever there was an opportunity to build morale or improve the culture at Goodman Fielder. She cares about and has great empathy for employees and it shows in her writing and her efforts. She was often the anonymous person helping others look good. She was very insightful and direct in her feedback which helped get to the real issues and opportunities.’
Tom Park former CEO Goodman Fielder Apr 03

‘Judy, thank you for everything you did to make my farewell event such a special evening. I could not think of a single way you could have improved the night and it was a testament to all your hard work and planning. For me the evening was a reminder of all that is best about GF – good people, good spirit and a sense of genuine commitment that goes beyond the norm.’
David Hearn former CEO and Managing Director Goodman Fielder Oct 99

‘Judy personally drove a number of people projects including the ‘Local Heroes’ recognition and reward program. Her level of professionalism and personal commitment was truly outstanding. She achieved success because of her passion and dedication for GF people. Even with a lack of resources and little support she continually produced the drive and effort to achieve the desired outcome and more.’
Mark Sage former Group Director for Human Resources Goodman Fielder Apr 03


‘Judy was part of AGL’s HR leadership team so she has a good sense of the people issues and the key role that HR plays in achieving the broader business agenda. And because she understands HR programs, systems and processes – like recruitment, performance management, or reward and recognition – she was able to apply internal communications solutions that were really integrated with those programs, systems and processes. It wasn’t about fluffy PR spin, but about getting a specific business outcome or response.’
Jane Thomas Group Head People and Culture AGL Energy Nov 08

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